We are the concrete restoration experts

Here at PCR Concrete, we are a specialist business that can do anything concrete, from construction to repairs. Let us perfect your project with our high-quality concrete solutions, and get in touch with us now!

About PCR Concrete

PCR is a New Zealand-owned company operating in the Auckland and Wellington region. We offer quality concrete construction works, plus expert solutions and technical support for concrete repairs and maintenance.

We take a holistic approach to all our jobs because knowing the big picture of your project makes our services better. What we offer can include anything from the foundations to the architectural finishes on your project. Contact our team to find out more.

Quality Services

Repair, Strengthening & Protection

At PCR, we have extensive experience in structural and seismic strengthening, remediation, grouting, sealing, concrete casting, and more to resolve any issue you may have. We offer the best quality services and product ranges on the market, so you can trust we will get it right the first time.


We can conduct technical inspections to assess structure conditions and propose preventative maintenance plans. As part of our quality assurance process, we make sure production in your project stays on track and upholds quality standards.

New Project

What new project are you thinking about starting? At PCR Concrete, we are the right fit for any job, from refurbishment to new construction of anything concrete.

Auckland and Wellington’s Concrete Specialists

Concrete is in our name and the core of what we do. Whatever concrete work you require, including walls, slabs, pavements, courtyards, patios, and more, we can do it for you. We service residential and commercial clients in all kinds of concrete projects. Get in touch with us now.


Cracks are a concern to assert owners because they can impact long-term durability. Those that are 0.25mm or larger likely require rectification.

Our concrete injecting services can ensure your concrete has:

Better structural integrity
Minimised water loss/penetration
Prevented further damage
Reinforcement protection/durability
Better aesthetic value

Cracks are not all the same, which is why you need an expert to assess whether your crack is active or passive. If the crack is active, ie. has movement, the only viable repair solution is a flexible repair.

Surface cracks without sufficient depth are not suitable for injection despite the specification or desire to do so. They might be better suited for a surface coating or epoxy repair, depending on the thickness and depth of the crack.

Yes, we can certainly help. At PCR, we have a range of water stopping crack solutions suitable for water treatment plants, underwater structures, and leaky cracks. Whether your job is big or small, we can help.

Yes, it is. We have a team of colour-toning specialists at PCR, so you will not be able to tell where we made the repair.

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